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We are Australia’s leading Telecommunications service provider, guiding great people into successful careers. We go above and beyond the call of duty to make your journey with us as effortless as possible. Our unique and personal approach will deliver talent to local start-ups, global organisations and those sitting in-between.

We’ve built a unique culture that rewards teamwork, encourages leadership and strives to provide an overall experience for the customer that is far superior to anything else in the telecommunications space. We strive to add-value to customers by enhancing business success, delivering our professional services solutions without a hitch.

Our recruitment and subcontracting solutions focus not only on what the market needs now, but on what it might need in the future. That’s why our services span across subcontracting services, permanent recruitment and contract recruitment, and include senior and executive level search all the way through the food chain to the operational staff.

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Our team of consultants are as accessible as they come. We cover three time zones, so you could say we’re awake 24 hours a day.


As time passes, we’ve found ourselves covering more than just the six states of Australia. Operating in New Zealand, India, South Africa and more, we’re taking Rubix global one country at a time.


Recruitment is a target driven industry. Luckily, we understand the importance of working to a deadline. After all, isn’t that what this industry is all about?


Delivering exceptional solutions and conquering hard-to-fill roles isn’t solely down to our awesome staff, it’s also because of our resourcing model we’ve spent years perfecting.


With over 50,000 candidates on our database, it’s safe to say we’ve got Australia’s Telecommunications and IT talent at our fingertips.


We specialise in IT and Telecommunications. We’re not trying to cater for everyone, we know our strengths and we stick to them.

Let us find the talent.

We know a thing or two.