What is a Security Clearance?

A security clearance is a status granted to individuals allowing them access to classified, sensitive or confidential information after completion of thorough background checks. This process is undertaken to ensure people entrusted with security classified information can do the following:

  • Are eligible to have access
  • Have had their own identity established
  • Are suitable to have access, and
  • Are willing to comply with the standards that safeguard those resources against misuse.

Do I need a clearance?

Security clearances are only required for individuals who as part of their employment for the Australian Government need to access classified information and resources. You will be advised if you need a security clearance and, if so, the level required.

What are the different levels?

Australia has four levels of basic vetting.

  1. Baseline Vetting: Permits access to classified information/resources up to and including PROTECTED.
  2. Negative Vetting Level 1: Permits access to classified information/resources up to and including SECRET.
  3. Negative Vetting Level 2: Permits access to classified information/resources up to and including TOP SECRET.
  4. Positive Vetting: Permits access to resources at all classification levels, including certain types of caveated and code word information.

The level of basic vetting will depend on the level of classified information and resources you need to access.

How do I get clearance?

You cannot apply for Security Clearance as an individual; instead, it is requested by an employer and carried out by Government agencies. At Rubix, we’ve built up an extensive resource pool of security cleared personnel who can be engaged on demand by our clients for short to long-term project work.

Our Security Cleared Team:

  • Project & Program Managers
  • Commercial & Contracts Managers
  • Solutions Architects
  • Security & Networks Professionals
  • Systems Administrators & Analysts
  • Senior Programmers & Developers
  • Infrastructure Professionals
  • Human Resource & Procurement Managers
  • Cloud & Storage Professionals